No Sad Songs

Arabella Seymour

A chance meeting of two young girls from vastly different worlds – one, the daughter of a titled politician, the other, the daughter of a suburban bank clerk, cements the friendship of a lifetime. But the marriages that each of them enters into with all the optimism of youth ultimately founder, destroyed by resentment, prejudice and scandal.

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Meet the author

Arabella Seymour

Arabella was born and educated in London, then worked in London Libraries before moving to Kent, where she was able to concentrate on writing full time. ‘I was incredibly lucky to be able to work from home, as I had a young, pre-school age daughter, and equally lucky to be signed up with Michael Sissons at what then was AD Peters. My novels were sold to France and the USA as well as the UK, and serialised by WOMAN’S DAY in Australia.’